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Advantages of Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil is considerably better than normal conventional oil, which provides protection and lubrications to our car’s engine. Synthetic oil is highly refined and distilled; this helps the oil to coup up with the new engines, available in market. The oil is broke down to basic molecules and helps the engine to work better even in extreme conditions like low temperature, very hot atmosphere and heavy object, carrying vehicles. It helps in reducing friction and ensures a smooth ride. The oil not only keeps engine up and running but also the oil life is longer than a normal conventional ones.

Below are the detailed advantages of synthetic motor oil

  • Helps to maintain engine cleaner: When oil keeps flowing in engine, it picks some dirt or mud. Over the period of time, these impurities form a sludge which reduces the engine’s performance and starts to affect life of engine. The advantage of synthetic oil is: it guards our engine and resists the formation of sludge in it. This helps engine to be cleaner and to run more efficiently.


  • Helps to resist break-down of engine parts: As engine parts runs at high speed, the engine parts continuously make contact with each other. Engine oil plays a major role in resisting sludge and avoids break down of engine parts. Normal conventional engine oil wears down under extreme conditions. The Synthetic oil breaks down basic molecules, due to which oil acts as a barrier and helps its protecting ability to sustain longer.


  • Flow well in cold temperatures: If the car is left unused or the running is not frequent, the engine oil settles down. It takes time for engine to run efficiently and smoothly due to friction, when started after a while, as the engine is cold! This happens frequently in cold seasons. Synthetic oil helps the engine to run smoothly and efficiently, even in very low temperatures.


  • Guards good in hot temperatures: Engine becomes hot when it is running continuously, in summer season or in hot temperature areas, normal oil loses its ability as it starts to evaporate and starts affecting your engine. Synthetic oil is prepared to oppose such situations in high temperatures and provides a break down free ride in hot temperature.



  • Defend important turbocharger parts: For meeting the demands of market for efficient car with good fuel economy and low budget, automakers introduced small engines, but to keep the power in the engine, turbochargers were also added. These turbocharger are bit aggressive than and the engine gets hot faster. Normal oil wears down easily under high temperature, which results in increase in friction. Normal oil fails to keep this kind of engine with turbocharger lubricated for long time and increases the chances of break down. Conventional motor oils could break down quicker under these circumstances and leave deposits on engine turbocharger components, resulting to failure. Synthetic motor oils could guard such parts much better than normal conventional motor oils, helping them to operate efficiently and smoothly.

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