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How Does the Best Synthetic Motor Oil Help Your Car?

Synthetic oil contains more refined oil base as opposed to crude oil. Synthetic Oil can be chemically made from modified petroleum components. At high temperature, synthetic oil is used as alternative for petroleum refined oils. Synthetic engine oils give a mixture of benefits which helps maintain your engine running at best possible performance, for many years.

Types of Engine Oil

There are two types of engine oil available:

  • Conventional mineral oils are the long-established type of engine oil and are still extensively used.
  • Synthetic motor oils, which are progressively growing and attracting users, to switch.

Both varieties of engine oil are prepared from crude oil which is extracted from the ground. The difference between both is that synthetic motor oils are prepared from higher refining processes and are of a superior purity and quality than conventional mineral oils or semi-synthetic oils. With this, not only are most of the impurities from the crude oil eliminated but also it enables individual molecules in the oil to be customized to the requirements of modern engines. These customized molecules supply advanced level of defense and performance, even in extreme conditions.

Synthetic Oil could be used in cars, instead of conventional oil. Many automakers oblige owners to go for synthetic oil in their car’s engines. The reason behind this is synthetic oil have few advantages, compared to normal motor oil. It is calculated to be extra successful at:

  • Stop break-down of engines and helps engine oil to last longer than other oil
  • Helps engine perform in high temperatures
  • During winter, it flows well and helps your car to start, faster.

However, synthetic oil could charge a bit more than regular oil. Many mechanics says there are some incidents where synthetic oil’s confrontation to breakdown could help extend the running of an engine.

If your car is driven more at short distance, conventional motor oil will never get hot enough to burn up wetness and impurities. If the vehicle is used at very low temperature or in a place where atmosphere is hot, or if the vehicle is being used for carrying heavy objects, synthetic motor oil will help the engine perform better as these oils are designed for extreme conditions.

Synthetic motor oils helps in improving fuel economy and lessen the oil consumption. During the initial stage of a normal car’s journey, mineral oils are thicker and move slower, making the engine slower and results in lesser mileage! As synthetic oil works much more quickly, the engine hits the highest operating point efficiency and reduces oil consumption.

Using synthetic oil will make longer the time, you can use the oil. This helps companies to save environment as well, as the oil replaced in the car is one of the main sources of water pollution, which is a problem, faced by a lot of countries around the world. Normal mineral oils contain huge amounts of impurities, like sulfur, reactive and unstable hydrocarbons and other unwanted contaminants, which cannot be totally removed by refining crude oil.


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