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How Much Should a Synthetic Oil Change Cost?

Changing your oil regularly is an important part of car maintenance. The number of miles or time that is recommended between oil changes usually depends on the car’s manufacturer. However, most synthetic oil manufacturers recommend changing your oil between 3,000 to 5,000 miles or every 3 months. The synthetic oil change price will depend on your location, but here is an average synthetic oil change cost and extra fees that you may be paying.

The Typical Synthetic Oil Change Price

A synthetic oil change price can range from $45 to $70, but it can be more expensive depending on the location. Synthetic oils are man-made and are most times used in high-performance engines. This oil also can last longer because it can handle the higher temperatures in the engines.

What Should the Price Include?

The synthetic oil change cost includes more than just the cost of the oil. The cost at most oil change shops will include the labor, oil, a new oil filter, and disposal of the old oil. Many times, the labor for the oil change is not the same as other repairs. In most areas, the labor is between $10 to $20 of the total price, so the rest of the price comes from the parts and the sales tax.

Other Costs

In most cases, there are no other costs that should be incurred during the oil change unless there are other problems with your vehicle that need to be fixed right away. You can also add other maintenance services to the oil change. At most locations, they will charge less when you have all the regular maintenance services done at one time.

If there is a specific brand of oil that you have to use, you may be charged extra for the oil. You also may need to provide the oil, especially if the shop does not carry that brand.

Many repair shops will include a free inspection during an oil change. However, not all shops offer this service. A free inspection is done to find any potential problems with your car, but it also can help the shop sell additional repairs.


There are many shops and dealerships that will offer discounts or coupons for oil change. Most times, these deals will come in the mail or the sales flyers. In many areas, coupons are sent out every 3 months. Some dealerships will also give free oil changes for new models every few months. You may have to pay extra for the synthetic oil because most discounts are only on regular oil changes.

The synthetic oil change price will depend on the location of the repair shop and the oil that is being used. A professional oil change is recommended regularly for all vehicles.

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