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Why is synthetic oil better than conventional oil?

Synthetic oils were introduced in the year 1970; they were prepared from same components as normal oil but were more refined and pure.

Synthetic Motor oil are bit expensive than normal convention oils, but the synthetic motor oil is far better than normal oil. Synthetic oil not only helps to improve performance of the engine but also increases the life of engine, by resisting break down.

Synthetic oil is engine oil produced artificially from extracts of chemical compounds. Conventional oil is developed naturally from crude oil. A few experts have also suggested using synthetic oil over normal conventional motor oil.

Automakers recommend changing oil in every three thousand to five thousand miles, if the oil used in engines are conventional ones. However, experts have suggested that the engine oil can be left unchanged, if synthetic oil can be used, for about eight thousand miles. The longevity of the oil is the biggest advantage, a user could derive from it.

Synthetic oils also save the vehicle from harsh weather conditions. Even in cold weather, the engine runs smoothly due to the special resistance power of the synthetic oils from break down. It has also been recorded that in high temperature, synthetic oil helps the engine to perform excellently, without causing any harm to the engine of the vehicle. Experts recommend the use of synthetic oils due to some reasons mentioned below:

  • As synthetic oils protect the engine of the vehicle from bad weather, it can be used in all the seasons or weathers and has multiple beneficial properties. To cite examples, the flowing speed of the synthetic oil is seven times faster as compared to the normal engine oil.
  • Synthetic engine oil could withstand extreme temperature and helps engine to perform at its peak without affecting it, unlike other vehicle engines.
  • It helps in boosting the horsepower than any other conventional oils.
  • The change in the frequency of these synthetic oils is less as it has been recorded that it can run for almost eight thousand miles.
  • Synthetic oil contains fewer impurities as compared to other engine oils like wax, sulphur and other contaminants, which leads to the building of sludge in engine.

Whether the car is a racing model or a family car or a goods carrier, synthetic oils have better quality and stability, according to the need of the user. It provides a perfect match for you and serves your needs and helps in ensuring a much longer life for your car’s engine. Synthetic oils are better coolants than normal conventional oils, when the engines get too hot, which extends the life of the engine.

It is not advisable to use the same synthetic oil for all cars. The choice of the type of oil depends completely on the use of the type of vehicle. However, it has been concluded from some recent research programs that in most of the cases, synthetic oil is one of the best products for long term benefits of the vehicle engine.


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